It pissed down with rain all day on Good Friday. I normally watch one of those earnest 50s/60s Jesus epics but the kids have me tied to a the primary colour treadmill that is cbeebies. I read something about how Henry Rollins has two power naps for four-six minutes each day. He doesn’t climb into bed or anything, he just nods off in his chair for a moment and then jolts back to life. I tried it myself, with the kids screaming at each other and cbeebies blaring out its ever reliable earworms. It worked! Better than a shot of espresso. It was like rebooting a laptop when it starts to lag. Other than that, I put deactivated my twitter and facebook as I’ve begun to feel the habit baring its fangs. The facebook can be reactivated but the twitter deletes after thirty days. I tried to think of one worthwhile thing that I wrote there in the last eight or so years. I set an alarm for twenty nine days time, I’ll see how I feel when that bell tolls.

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