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high brow, low brow, none of that stuff in the middle

Allen Ginsberg – Ah! Sunflower

When I started out as a lecturer, one aspect of modern academic life disconcerted me. As I fumbled through my sophomore powerpoint presentations, I noticed that most students’ faces were illuminated by their laptop and tablet screens. I soon learned the difference between the attentive frowns of those that were making lecture notes and the […]

CM Punk – The Pipe Bomb

Today, honouring the website’s maxim of “high brow, low brow, ignore all that stuff in the middle”, we’re looking at the underappreciated art of the wrestling promo. If you haven’t a clue as to what a wrestling promo is, no worries. I’m going to define a few conventions while pointing out how CM Punk subverts […]

Spalding Gray – The Evacuation of Phnom Penh

Content Warning: The video above features descriptions of genocide For most performers, water is a means to keep the throat from drying out. They take occasional sips from branded bottles. No thought is given to its significance. The glass of water placed on Spalding Gray’s desk for the entirety of each of his monologues was […]

Pauline Pearce – Hackney Riots 2011 (NSFW) 

In 2011, Mark Duggan, a young black man, was shot dead by armed response officers in Tottenham, North London. Anger at the events sparked off riots and looting that spread throughout London and other English cities over a number of days. Many expressions of outrage at the riots were conspicuous for the privilege of those […]

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