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Niall hosting Poetry Unplugged

I host Poetry Unplugged, London's longest running poetry open mic, at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. The event has been running every week since 1997 and I took over as host in 2004. I still enjoy it!

I also host Rusty Sonnets, the weekly podcast where I take an old poem, read it out, give it a good going over before I "wander off on one..."

I have published three books of poetry with flipped eye. I also edit other poets for flipped eye. I have personally printed and bound a little run of my Caffeine Songs but you can also read them online for free. My New and Selected poems will hopefully be released in 2021.

I currently teach poetry at London Metropolitan University. I have previously taught and run workshops for The Poetry School, Apples and Snakes and The Arvon Foundation.

I have hosted many events such as Apples and Snakes, Book Slam, Latitude Festival, The Fling Festival, The Paterson Slam, The Lambeth Green Business Awards, The Big Issue Film Festival and plenty more.

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I have youtube and soundcloud channels but neither of them are much cop. Thankfully, lots of brilliant and talented auteurs with decent recording equipment have captured me in interviews and performance, some of which are listed below.

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At the end of 2017, just before my old website was mysteriously erased, I started posting single paragraph posts on most days. Sometimes the paragraph would be a prose poem, other times it was a rant or a reflection or an aphorism. The main aim was to keep the creative wheels turning while avoiding social media as an outlet for expression.


I'm planning to have a proper contact form here after I've upped my coding game. In the meantime you can email me at an address that puts the word "contact" and the symbol "@" before the name of this website.

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